• Full Detox

    The color of this refill bag can vary.

    Assortment of 24 enveloped muslin tea bags of flavoured blends of green tea, yerba mate and herbs.

    Variety is the spice of life! Our three iconic Detox recipes are finally available in one gift set. 24 enveloped tea bags are perfect for taking your tea anywhere. Listen to your cravings and succumb to Detox's subtle lemon, BB Detox's addictive grapefruit or the savoury pineapple of Blue Detox.


    Anonymous [ Ordered on 10/05/2019 ]

    Verified purchase
    Love that tea
    on 12/06/2019

    Anonymous [ Ordered on 29/08/2018 ]

    Verified purchase
    I love them
    on 13/09/2018

    Maria T. [ Ordered on 07/05/2018 ]

    Verified purchase
    I love the taste. The blend is perfect!
    on 22/05/2018
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