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  • Run for Løv

    The color of this refill bag can vary.

    Flavoured blend of hibiscus and fruits

    Run For Løv is perfect for sports lovers. It’s a healthy way to rehydrate before or after any physical activity and tastes great too.
    This organic caffeine-free superfruit blend can be enjoyed hot or cold. It’s a delicious, invigorating, rehydrating blend of pomegranate and blackcurrant set off by the tangy flavours of hibiscus.
    The aquatic blue packaging of Run For Løv invites into a fresh and fruity plunge!

    Theine free

    Brewing time
    5 min

    Brewing temperature

    Perfect for iced tea

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    Anonymous [ Ordered on 20/03/2019 ]

    Metal Tin (100 g) Verified purchase
    Great taste.
    on 16/01/2020

    Marina K. [ Ordered on 16/07/2018 ]

    Metal Tin (100 g) Verified purchase
    Great product! Taste delicious and really helps with hydration before and after a run! But also nice to drink without the running part.
    on 15/01/2020

    Marina K. [ Ordered on 19/07/2018 ]

    Metal Tin (100 g) Verified purchase
    Great product and also nice to drink without working out!
    on 15/01/2020
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