In the heart of Imperial Russia, the tsar’s daughters, the tsarevnas, travelled to the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, where Kusmi Tea was founded, to decorate an immense Christmas tree.

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Kusmi Tea was inspired by these happy times and festive traditions to present its limited edition Christmas tea, Tsarevna. Each year, this iconic blend dons new finery as beautiful as those from the storied past of Imperial Russia. For the 2016 holidays, Tsarevna will be dressed in majestic black packaging specked with gold. It recalls the elegance of the Russian princesses and the tiaras that they wore in the golden age of the Tsars. This design is both traditional and modern and marks the beginning of another celebration in 2017: the 150th anniversary of Kusmi Tea!


  • 200 g Metal Tin

  • Matryoshka Candle
    35 €

  • Box of 18 shortbread
    9 €

Tsarevna, the film

This Christmas tea, a generous Russian blend with complex and rich scents is a part of the proud tradition of the house’s exclusive products. A base of spiced black tea is enhanced with heady orange peels and the aromas of vanilla and almond to give a round note that is heightened by a touch of liquorice, imparting a natural point of sweetness on the palette.

Brewing time
3-4 minutes

Brewing temperature