• Løv is Zen

    The color of this refill bag can vary.

    Orange and caramel flavoured blend of herbs and apple

    Made of rooibos, Løv is Zen is a delicious relaxing blend with a sweet taste of apple, orange and caramel.- Rooibos is a South African plant which is naturally caffeine free meaning Løv is Zen can be consumed at any time of day or night to help you relax. -Orange gives the blend a tangy flavour.- Apple pieces and caramel sweeten the blend and give a warming and comforting sensation when drunk.Løv is Zen can be delicious when served iced and without sugar and makes for the perfect drink to help you keep calm and find serenity.

    Ingredients: Rooibos*, apple*, lemon balm*, blackberry leaves*, natural orange and caramel flavours.
    * Organically grown ingredients

    Theine free

    Brewing time
    4-5 min

    Brewing temperature

    Perfect for iced tea

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    Larisa K. [ Ordered on 02/06/2019 ]

    Metal Tin (100 g) Verified purchase
    on 13/06/2019

    Beatrice R. [ Ordered on 28/05/2019 ]

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    Great at all times
    on 07/06/2019

    Anonymous [ Ordered on 17/06/2018 ]

    Metal Tin (100 g) Verified purchase
    There were bugs in my tea and it got all over my apartment, I had to throw away all the teas I had bought...it took us a while before figuring out where those little bugs were coming from until we found some in one of the sealed tea bags.
    on 26/08/2018
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