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Kusmi Tea presents its Darjeeling Makaibari
First Flush tea 2017

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Makaibari First Flush

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What is Makaibari tea?

The Makaibari tea garden, which means “cornfield” in Nepalese, is located on the slopes of the Himalayas en route to Bhutan and Tibet, where it has been growing tea with care and passion since 1859, in other words since the time when Kusmi Tea was founded! In this lush region of India, flora and fauna live in harmony and contribute to the excellent soil quality on which the tea plants live.

The First Flush Kusmi Tea

Every year, the first harvest begins on 21 March when temperatures rise and days get longer, after the tea plants have been in hibernation for five months. The very first shoots are then carefully picked to create a unique, light and elegant tea. Kusmi Tea, with more than one hundred years of expertise, selects—with the help of the estate’s owner, Rajah Banerjee—the finest and most delicately flavoured First Flush, which is ideally drunk at breakfast time.

How to infuse this exceptional tea?

Once brewed in water heated to 90° for a little over three minutes, this tea takes on a delicious colour with coppery notes, offering a strong taste that makes Darjeeling teas so recognisable.

Did you know?

The owner of the Makaibari tea garden likes to say that “Darjeeling is to tea as champagne is to wine”. So much so that the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, recently gave Queen Elizabeth II some tea from the Makaibari garden. This was an extremely valuable gift because what is rare is also precious.