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    Weight: 120g

    Thé blanc Kusmi Ducasse

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    rose petals

    An exceptional collaboration
    for Kusmi Tea’s first white tea

    To celebrate Kusmi Tea’s 150th anniversary, Alain Ducasse and Kusmi Tea come together to create a unique new recipe.

    Kusmi Tea’s very first white tea, made special by the expertise and commitment to French gastronomic excellence that Alain Ducasse exemplifies.

    rose petals

    How to steep

    picto time

    Brewing time
    3 min

    picto Brewing temperature

    Brewing temperature

    The tea is presented in a unique modern and elegant white box.

    This brand new recipe incorporates notes of raspberry and rose, resulting in a delicious and sophisticated taste.

    Alain Ducasse in a few dates…

    Birth in Castel Sarrazin in a farm in the region of Les Landes.

    Beginning of his apprentice period and a series of fundamental encounters with top French chefs: Michel Guérard, Roger Vergé and Alain Chapel.

    Alain Ducasse enters the Plaza Athénée.

    Consecrated first chef ever to earn three Michelin stars for three different restaurants in Paris, Monaco and New York.

    Launch of the restaurant Le Jules Verne par Alain Ducasse in the Tour Eiffel.

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Le Louis XV, Alain Ducasse invited the world’s greatest chefs. Thus, 240 chefs hailing from 25 countries gathered together for a unique summit.

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