• Along the Great Tea Route

    Karavan N°50 black tea

    This new, rich blend is inspired by the caravans of the Francophile tsarina Elizabeth of Russia, the daughter of Peter the Great, that carried precious and fragile tea leaves. It invites us on a thrilling trek that begins in China, crosses the Gobi desert, the Mongolian steppes and then Siberia before coming to an end in Saint Petersburg.

    3-4 m.

    Karavan N°50 is a forgotten treasure

    A harmonious blend of Asian black teas, and a homage to the fanciful past of Kusmi Tea. It has already taken its place among the house’s exclusive recipes. Its delicate scent and aromatic notes will delight black tea lovers and surely seduce the curious. In days past, this must-have blend could already be found, marked by the number 50, on the menu of Kusmi Tea founder Pavel Kousmichoff’s tea boutique. 150 years later, Kusmi continues to draw from its heritage infinitely rich in flavours, voyages, and savoir-faire – to breathe new life into this timeless recipe.