• Kusmi Chamomile Tea: The Number Two Chamomile Tested by UFC Que Choisir* in January 2019


    Kusmi Tea’s chamomile, tested by UFC Que Choisir for its January 24, 2019 issue, earned second place in its rankings, with the consumer magazine lauding its “entirely satisfying result.” 

    The highly unusual contaminant levels noticed in some tins of Kusmi Chamomile Tea in Germany in 2017 were due to contaminations “of a temporary nature, which can be caused by a very small quantity of weeds” [pyrrolizidine alkaloids].

    The alkaloids detected in the chamomile occur naturally in many wild plants harvested at the same time as the chamomile flower. At the time, the alkaloid content discovered involved only one lot of chamomile, but Kusmi Tea, out of an abundance of caution, immediately recalled all of its tins of chamomile from the European market and on its website. As there is no regulatory threshold, Kusmi Tea took the initiative of bringing the matter to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), a move that surely influenced its decision to update its previous recommendations in July 2017.

    Since then, pyrrolizidine alkaloids have been the target of increased monitoring. This is a lengthy process, involving the establishment of agricultural best practices that require detection measures throughout the production chain.

    With that, Kusmi Tea’s quality assurance processes, already very strict, became even tougher. Each lot of chamomile is subjected to multiple internal and external tests and analyses before being brought to market.

    The outcomes we’ve seen with the rest of Kusmi Tea’s chamomile, along with the results published by UFC Que Choisir in January, are proof of the quality of Kusmi Chamomile Tea.



    ouverture de sac de camomille

    Kusmi Tea’s chamomile herbal tea comes from Croatia, where the best chamomile is gathered as a result of the quality standards applied when selecting from among the harvested plants.

    Kusmi Tea also works in close collaboration with its suppliers to get the very best products on the market and offer its customers all the calm and comfort that chamomile flowers provide, with a light and gentle touch.

    Furthermore, Kusmi Tea’s various products are in strict compliance with the regulatory thresholds set by European health authorities. At Kusmi Tea, raw materials are selected with extraordinary care. The tea leaves, always imported whole, are harvested by hand and processed in keeping with professional standards.

    The company’s strongest commitment is to the quality of its products, which is why it works only with suppliers of teas and herbal teas who meet strict standards.

    Working alongside WWF France, Kusmi Tea is in the process of significantly increasing the share of its purchases represented by organic and sustainably grown teas, thus offering a natural product that is as environmentally friendly as possible. WWF France is guiding Kusmi Tea in its mission to achieve the ideal balance between the global challenges of the organic food industry and local best practices for sustainability. By 2020, the majority of Kusmi’s teas and herbal teas will be organic!

    Having brought the manufacture of its famous metal tins from China back to France, the company has done the same for the packaging of its teas and herbal teas. Previously done in Morocco, the work of filling tea bags is now conducted in the company’s workshops in Saint-Vigor-d'Ymonville, Normandy, with 100% Made in France expertise about teas, formulations, blends, and taste.


    *French consumer association