Frozen Maicha

FrozenMaicha, an iced version of Genmaicha tea.

FrozenMaicha: Genmaicha in an ideal format for preparing iced tea with a brand new recipe. The infusion of this Japanese tea reveals both a fresh scent of green tea and a light hazelnut flavour from puffed and toasted grains of rice.
Enjoy ice cold for a refreshing tea with subtle aromas.

To add a twist to your FrozenMaicha, brew the tea bag with five strawberries for an irresistibly delicious cocktail.

Preparing the iced tea:
Pour simmering water (95°C)
Brew the tea bag for 3 minutes
Add ice cubes

Each 9 g tea bag makes a 1 L carafe of iced tea

Brewing time
3 min

Brewing temperature

Perfect for iced tea